Details about AVGS

You wonder what the Activation and Placement Voucher (AVGS) is all about? Great that you are here! The AVGS is your personal booster for the job market - and we'll show you how to get and redeem it.

What is an AVGS?

The AVGS is a labour market policy instrument from the Federal Employment Agency or your Jobcenter in Germany, which opens doors for you: to new professional skills, to individual coaching or to private job placement. In short: It's your ticket to new possibilities!

How do you get the AVGS?

Simple! If you think that further training or coaching could improve your chances in the job market, grab an appointment with your Employment Agency or your Jobcenter. In conversation with your advisor, you will find out whether and which measures will help you further. And if so, you get your AVGS.

And how do you redeem it?

Once you have your AVGS in your pocket, you choose a measure that suits you. Then you contact the provider of the measure, the so-called measures provider, such as Perspekto Coaching. They check if everything matches with your voucher and give you a participation confirmation. With this, you return to your advisor, and if everything fits, you get the green light to start!

No costs, just opportunities!

The best part? There are no costs for you. The measure is fully covered by the voucher, and even travel expenses or childcare can be reimbursed under certain conditions.

So, what are you waiting for?

Seize the opportunity and use the AVGS to pave your professional path. We stand by your side and support you at every step of the way. Let's get started together!

The AVGS is your personal booster for the job market

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Step by Step to the AVGS


Contact your contact person at the Employment Agency or Jobcentrer.


Contact your contact person at the Employment Agency or Jobcenter.


Receive the "Aktivierungs- und Vermittlungsgutschein".


This is usually valid for six weeks. The first coaching session must take place before it expires.


Finding a coach with whom you have good chemistry is crucial for the success of your coaching. Insist on a non-binding introductory meeting with the chosen coach before! Serious providers set up this possibility.


Find the coaching provider that suits you best.


Have your chosen coaching approved.


Your chosen coaching provider should be able to help you with the approval and take care of sending the necessary documents.


You can request a participant certificate at the end of your coaching.


Start your coaching and work together with your coach on your goals.

Things to know about the AVGS

Who can apply for an AVGS?

The AVGS is open to a broad range of individuals who want to make professional progress. This notably includes:

This list is not exhaustive, and there are other groups who can also receive support under certain conditions. For individual advice and to see if you qualify for an AVGS, we recommend you contact your local employment agency or job centre.

Objectives of the AVGS

The AVGS aims to support and promote professional integration. This is achieved through:

What does discretionary benefit mean with regard to the AVGS?

The AVGS is a so-called discretionary benefit. This means that there is no legal claim to the voucher. The decision on the grant is at the discretion of the responsible professional at the employment agency or the job centre.

Legal basis of the AVGS

The legal basis of the AVGS is found in § 45 of the Third Book of the Social Code (SGB III). This sets out the conditions for support and the framework for measures to promote activation and professional integration.

For further information and individual advice, we are happy to be available. Contact us to learn more about your opportunities with the AVGS.