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Friedemann Schulz von Thun

Who we are

Welcome to gutschein-coaching.de! A brand of Perspekto Coaching GmbH - Institute for professional development, your partner for professional coachings according to Schulz von Thun.

We offer you a humanistic-systemic approach that puts you at the center of your coaching process. We help you to discover your strengths, values, and desires, explore your career options and create realistic steps that bring you closer to your achieved goal.

In an exclusive partnership with the renowned Schulz von Thun Institute for Communication, we continuously train all coaches working with us, to realize a unique coaching standard in the publicly funded market. Perhaps you have already heard of the ”four-ears model"?

In our coaching sessions, we also rely on our self-developed model of multiperspective, which looks at your job and career opportunities from four realistic viewpoints and helps you to make sustainable decisions.

Whether you want a coaching online or in person, we are here to support you on your personal and professional journey. Start your path with us today!

An AVGS can be a wonderful key to open doors to your professional self and your personal future.

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AVGS Coaching

Would you like to take your coaching at our institution for free? No problem! Our coaching institute is AZAV certified and thus recognized by the Employment Agency and the Job Centers as a coaching service provider. With an AVGS, you can take advantage of an individual coaching session with us that is 100% funded by the Employment Agency or the Job Center. This means for you: no costs, no obligations, only advantages. Our coaching is flexible, individual, and can be conducted online.

AVGS is the abbreviation for the bulky term Activation and Placement Voucher and is a funding opportunity for job seekers and employees who want to continue their professional development.

To start an AVGS coaching with us, you only need an AVGS voucher, which you can apply for from your responsible contact person. You can also contact us if you have questions about the AVGS or if you wish for a free initial consultation. We look forward to meeting you!

Obtain AVGS

You're wondering, "How do I get an AVGS?"

Below, we explain step by step how it works.

  • To get an AVGS, you must either be receiving unemployment benefits or be at risk of unemployment. There are many groups of people that have the possibility to apply for an AVGS. Detailed information about AVGS!
  • Register with your responsible contact person at the Employment Agency or Job Center and express your interest in a coaching session.
  • Explain to your contact person, why you want to take up coaching and how it can help you in your professional orientation or (re-)integration.
  • Present to your contact person a specific offer from a certified coaching provider (this step may be omitted depending on the contact person) that meets your expectations and needs.
  • If your contact person approves your application, you will receive an AVGS voucher, which you should redeem within three months.

The AVGS can also be applied for online. Here is the relevant link to the Employment Agency:

If you're also wondering, "How do I redeem an AVGS?"

  • To redeem an AVGS, you must contact the coaching provider of your choice and give them your AVGS voucher (all pages including official cover letter).
  • You can send your AVGS voucher by email, post or possibly online form to the coaching provider.
  • The coaching provider will check your AVGS voucher and send you a confirmation and a date for an initial consultation.
  • If you decide on the coaching provider, you make a coaching contract and you can start your coaching.

At voucher-coaching.de this process is very simple and we are happy to assist you with all individual steps. Let us know!

What We Do

Are you looking for a professional change or advancement? Do you want to better recognize and implement your strengths, values and goals? Do you need support with your application, the job interview or are you hindered by personal reasons and held back from seeking a professional activity? Then you've come to the right place!

Our coaching is flexible and tailored to your needs and goals. We offer you different coaching packages, which you can choose depending on your situation. Our coaching is available online or in person at many locations across Germany. Our coaching is humanistic, which means that we believe that you have the best answers within yourself and we support you in discovering them.

The coaches we collaborate with are all, in addition to the collaboration with voucher-coaching.de, also active in the private market and are qualified and experienced in the guidance of people in professional and personal change processes. They have a broad range of methods and tools, which they can deploy depending on your situation. In addition, we further educate these "private market professionals" in partnership with the Schulz von Thun Institute for Communication to achieve the best possible coaching quality for you.

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This is our blog! Discover valuable tips and advice. Our articles are designed to help you strengthen your personal and professional self. Dive in and get inspired!