von Malotky, Eva



If I had been aware of all this beforehand, I would have saved myself a lot of suffering.

My book helps you to find out how you can not only somehow get back on your feet after a minor or major crisis and not just fight for survival in your life, but also bring the changes into your life that you have wanted for a long time, full of joy and lightness.

Finding your purpose in life, blossoming completely, experiencing groundless joie de vivre, unconditional love and true fulfillment is not only your birthright, it is necessary. Because only then can you make your unique contribution to this world and make it an even more beautiful place. Not just despite, but precisely because of life crises and even under the most difficult circumstances. Because that is what they are there for. Only with this higher consciousness can we fully develop our true self and live what we are here on this earth for.

The best thing about it is that your personal development is not only a gift to you and the people around you, but also to life itself - in all its perfection.

"This magical moment of awareness, when a person recognizes themselves, when perception, knowledge and understanding of existence come together all at once, is a truly touching moment and incredibly beautiful." Eva von Malotky

The book is available as a print edition, audiobook and e-book. All three formats are available here. Click here for the book

I hope you enjoy this book!

In solidarity,

Eva von Malotky