von der Bey, Dr. Werner


Job coaching is the key to your success!

I get to experience it again and again! At the end of the first coaching session, my counterpart says: Wow, that helped me a lot more than I expected!
That's what we want to achieve as coaches: To help people with their professional reorientation. Give them a few tips. Sharing experiences and awakening the joy of professional challenges.
That's the beauty of coaching. Especially as we always have two premises:

  1. the freedom to work on what moves you forward
  2. the certainty that you already have the key to success within you
    This makes coaching easy and fun: we get straight to the points that move you. As an expert, I will then give you tips that will help you move forward or we will take a look together at the options available on the job market.

The only thing you need to bring to the coaching session is yourself. Because, as I said, you already have the key to success within you. We never try to force you into a mold, but help you to expand your awareness of your strengths! To answer your questions and find out together what suits you and your personality best. Coaching is often characterized by many "aha" moments. And every "aha" moment brings you a little closer to your new career path.
If you are also in the mood for aha moments, please get in touch with me about a coaching session!