Abou Elchabab, Mohamad


Find out what it is, then go get it!

I want to earn a living

Not long ago, generations have lived for the sole purpose of survival, making ends meet was the main drive behind choosing a profession. Providing food and shelter was the everyday struggle that had to be fought, some even called it “Adulthood”, as if the struggle was the reason for our existence. Sadly, many tal-ents and skills went to waste in the process. It was at the time, for political, fi-nancial and cultural reasons, an almost forgivable act

Times have moved on, nowadays Jobs are plentiful and the economy is stable and able to cater for the wide array of talents and skills of the individuals. Yet, the mentality of survival carries on. This generation is living in a special time, where new jobs and career paths are created more than ever before. There are job titles that we haven’t even heard of ten years ago, yet many still don’t know their calling in life.

I don’t know what I want to do, I am stuck

I often interview people who are in the “stuck” career phase, and once I get to know them, I realise that they are in the stuck phase not because they are not willing to put in the effort, or because they don’t have the talent, but simply be-cause they don’t know what they want to do. They have fallen into a trap, a trap that we call the “I want to earn a living trap”.

Unfortunately, where I come from, the Middle East, this concept in particular was imbedded in us, almost brainwashed and carved into our subconscious. I find this concept of earning a living a dangerous spiritual suicide, as it eliminates the nurturing and developing of the gifts and talents and the wonderful individu-ality that was given to all of us. It diminishes our individual right to pursue our calling in life and to grow; tragically, it also robs us of the pleasure of giving back to the society we are living in.

Short term motivation? Or long term abundance?

Motivation and drive is key for success. Money is often considered a motivator, but what many don’t realise is that it’s a short term one, and more often than not people choose a career based on the financial advantages it provides. However, in the long run this pursuit of numbers often falls short of having the “perfect ca-reer”, or balanced work to life ratio. In the end, if we invest the time and effort in becoming better at what we like to do, it will become effortless and a pleasurable process. Why? Because we find ourselves doing what we love!

Do not misunderstand me, there is nothing wrong with wanting a good standard of living, and to want to enjoy everything this life has to offer, in fact, it is even a necessary aspiration, but unless the passions, interests and talents of the individ-uals are nurtured, more often than not, people come back to the “stuck” phase. It is almost like a spiritual call that needs to be answered, a call for you to not ig-nore the gifts and talents that were given to you.

Think of it this way, if we are doing what we love then we will happily invest our time and energy in it, and if we invest the effort and time then we are bound to get good at it, and if what we are offering is needed, and we are good at it then abundance shall follow.

“Modell der Multiperspekctivität” - How to find out what you want and how to get it

We carry the belief at Perspekto Coaching, that nurturing passions and talents goes hand in hand with realistic and careful planning tailored for the individual. Focusing on improving what we are passionate about is important, but being able to balance that with identifying and working on our points of improvement; that is where the magic starts to happen.

Using coaching methods such as the “Modell der Multiperspekctivität” English: Model of multiple perspectives), we take our client on a Journey of self-discovery. Divided into four phases, starting with the “Intra Phase”, a great deal of emphasis focuses on the passions, skills and talents of the individuals. In this phase, we use various coaching methods and techniques to answer questions such as: What are you good at? What do you enjoy doing most? What are the possibilities of turning your passion into a profession? The client’s inner wishes, desires and dreams is where this Journey begins.

There are cases of clients who have a general idea of what they want to do but do not possess the know-how of how to get there. This is where the experience of our coaches can help. Using our knowledge of the education system and the job market experience that our Coaches have, we move with our client to what we call the “Inter Phase”, or as I call it the “How to get there phase”. This is where we turn our focus on our client’s inner resources and abilities. Is it a university degree or an “apprenticeship” that will get us there? Maybe some extra work ex-perience before making the move or maybe it is a new entry path career-wise? In this phase, abilities, personality traits, qualifications and market research take centre stage. Using various coaching methods also helps in identifying the areas in which one can improve certain aspects in order to maximise the chances of get-ting to the desired destination.

In the third phase, which we call “The System phase”, practicality and realistic planning are the main focus. We believe that no two individuals are the same, thus creating a detailed plan covering “outside factors” such as the financial side of things, time management and the application process. Based on the individual and his resources and needs, detailed planning is where ideas come to life and this is where the “Wheel of momentum” begins to move in the right direction.

Finally, in the last phase, which we call “The Future perspective Phase”, we take a close look at the chosen path, to ensure that it’s “Future Proof”. Meaning that the career or path our client has chosen is once again under scrutiny, not only with regards to the question: Does the new path excites The client and allows him to express his passions and talents but will also evaluate the new chosen field’s viability for the future, i.e., will the sector grow along side of the growth and de-velopment of the client?

Our birth given right, do the things we love, love the things we do

I am a firm believer that, every individual has the right to do what they love, and it is our duty to ourselves and to those around us, to find what we are passionate about and what brings a spark to our eyes. Once we discover that magical di-mension of giving back in service to others, the talents and skills that were gifted to us become a deeper purpose for the career paths we choose. As Confucius once said, “Choose a Job that you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life”.

With systemic and realistic planning, no dream should remain a dream and the days of “earning a living” should be demoted alongside the Telegraph and Fax Machines.

In the 1930s, David Viscott, summed it up with a fitting quote when he said “The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give that gift away”