Gustavus, Pamela


Solving the application blockage

How coaching can solve an application blockage

Most of us know it: in the course of a job search, there are not only successful job interviews, but also unresponsive HR departments or cancellations after job interviews that actually went quite well. If these experiences accumulate, the motivation to apply again often decreases rapidly. Understandably. Whose self-confidence has already been damaged by cancellations anyway, after a while he lacks the confidence and the desire to try again and again.

Sometimes this can lead to a real application blockage: in order to protect yourself from further disappointments and rejections, you no longer even try to apply. As a result, you stay in an unloved job or unemployment for even longer – both unfortunately not good for your well-being and self-confidence.

What can be different after coaching?

1. Clarity and orientation

You have more clarity and orientation and can answer for yourself whether you have applied at all to the right companies, in the right industries and to the right industries so far. And by "right" in this case is meant: do you really want to work there?

If the position, environment and industry suit you, your experiences and your values, because this is not the case, it is very likely that the HR manager will read this discrepancy out of your application.

###2. Feedback on your application documents

You will receive feedback from an experienced job coach about your documents. Does your cover letter really convey your inner motivation to apply for exactly this position at exactly this company? Do the cover letter and CV optimally represent your professional qualifications and your professional and personal strengths? Have all the formal requirements for an application been met? Are there any gaps in your CV that you could justify more optimally?

3. Where is the common thread?

Is there a common thread visible in your career so far? And this does not mean that only perfectly straight cvs with consecutive degrees without gaps and breaks are good cvs! (On the contrary, exactly these apparent detours can even be very interesting.) Rather, it means that your potential new employer should understand from your documents why it is totally logical that you apply right here

This is perhaps the most difficult part of an application, because how you recognize your very personal common thread and make it visible to yourself and others is not mentioned in any application guide, because this is highly individual. In coaching, you explore together with the help of many exercises and coaching methods what your common thread is. Together, you are developing an applicant story that, far from all the phrases like "I hereby apply to you as an accountant because I read your ad on stepstone," tells what has led you to this very place in your life so far. Does that sound very abstract to you at first? Then feel free to contact us and ask us all the questions you have about coaching with us.

4. Simulate job interviews

Is it weird to think about doing interviews? Then you can practice this with us in coaching in an appreciative atmosphere: your coach simulates an interview with you in the form of a role-playing game and then gives you valuable feedback on your formulations, your appearance and your body language.

So you can practice in a protected room for the emergency. Many clients find this idea strange and even a little scary at first. Experience shows us again and again that those who engage in this type of conversation simulation benefit greatly from it and feel more relaxed and well prepared in the real application situations that follow.

Because at least as important for a successful application process and finding a job that suits you is the mental support that coaching can give you. In addition to all these practical aspects, coaching can also help you to approach the job search more confidently and confidently.

Through various resource-strengthening exercises and methods, you will (again) become aware of your strengths, can stand by your (supposed) weaknesses, learn to deal with possible setbacks and develop a positive inner attitude that will sooner or later lead you to successful job interviews and a new job.