Ketzel, Friederike


Professional coaching in Corona times

COVID-19 puts us all in a completely new situation this year. The unemployment figures have increased significantly and jobs that were previously thought to be safe have been affected by restructuring measures.

For some, this means dealing with the issue of unemployment for the first time. Despite possible severance programs and alternative options such as home office and short-time work, a piece of professional security breaks away for many and makes them look to the future with concern. Because of the constant changes, it is difficult to focus on a good positioning in the labor market in addition to private adaptation services. You are not alone in this situation!

But even if the future seems "gray" right now and is putting a strain on the current employment relationship, it is important not to be insecure, but to keep a clear head. It is important to sort yourself out anew and to create clarity about possible options.

This can mean an optimal adaptation of external factors, a reorientation of the initial professional situation or even a completely new orientation. The basis for such a process is to build up a feeling of acceptance towards the current situation with all its positive and negative effects. Because only when we let go on the outside, new energy can be released. This creates space for coping with our worries and fears and releases energy for shaping a new future perspective.

We offer you our support for this change process. The first step is an inventory, in which we focus on your resources, i.e. competencies, values and interests. A reflection often leads to more clarity and sensitizes for further steps. With our model of multiperspectivity for professional orientation, we then check whether the direction fits realistically to your life and is also sustainable in the future.

This joint process is very intensive and offers you the opportunity to develop personally. You will also have the opportunity to work on topics such as communication skills, self-efficacy, conflict resolution, resilience, inner clarity and your work-life balance.

All our coaches have a systemic coaching training and are trained by the Institute Schulz von Thun in the application of methods that allow you to gain information about your current situation and derive practical solutions.

For this purpose, we have developed our own online / video solutions together with our software partner, which offers you optimal framework conditions for coaching.